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Mavenir is the industry’s only end-to-end could-native network software provider for CSPs. As the global leader in vIMS to award-winning Packet Core and OpenRAN technologies to performing ground-breaking world-firsts in containerized vRAN calls, Mavenir continues to embrace disruptive, innovative technology architectures and business models that drive service agility, flexibility and velocity.

Mavenir Wins Best 5G and OpenRAN Awards
Mavenir takes home two awards for 'Best 5G Core' and 'Best OpenRAN' at 5G World 2020.
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Turkcell’s World First
Mavenir and Turkcell enable world's first OpenRAN vRAN call with fully containerized CU/DU and open front haul.
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Vodafone's Live OpenRAN Network
Mavenir supports Vodafone in live openRAN network for rural coverage in the UK.
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Mavenir Selects Keysight’s 5G Test Platforms
Keysight's 5G test platforms selected by Mavenir to accelerate software development for 5G RAN and core platforms.
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NTT Data Develops 5G Campus
NTT Data and Mavenir announce cooperation for 5G-campus networks in G-S-A region.
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Featured Resource - OpenRAN By the Numbers
OpenRAN By
The Numbers
Over 22 mobile operators around the world are using equipment from multiple vendors to deploy OpenRAN. Download the infographic to learn more.
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5G Competition in the U.S.
U.S. policymakers look to jumpstart 5G while eliminating security threats. Mavenir's CEO Pardeep Kohli outlines why competition must guide the U.S. on 5G.
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Private Networks with CBRS
Private Networks are increasing access to low-cost spectrum in the U.S. Mavenir’s CBRS-ready solution addresses both mass scale private enterprise and advanced industries.
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OpenRAN: Open for Business
The OpenRAN approach to mobile networking relies on open interfaces and the ability to use network elements from different vendors. 
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5G Network Slicing
"Can I get a slice of that 5G network?" 84% of operators felt that Network Slice as a Service was one of the top 3 most monetizable slice features, according to Amdocs.
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Dish Chooses VMware's Cloud for 5G
Dish will run its 5G network functions inside VMware’s Telco cloud and will test and certify vendors’ network functions,  from Dish vendors like Mavenir.
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Disrupt Oligopoly: Catalyst to Business Transformation
The mobile network economics clearly need to change. Many operators are turning to alternative architectures that drastically reduce Capex and Opex.
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Solving Europe's Supply Chain Challenge
When it comes to Europe's next generation of mobile equipment,  Huwei is out...but who (and what) is in?  Mavenir's Stefano Cantarelli gives his thoughts on the future role of OpenRAN.
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White House Discusses a Range of Strategies to Build Competition Against Huawei
White House considers broad federal intervention to secure 5G future.
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Webinar: Thriving OpenRAN Ecosystem
Discover the cost-saving benefits to OpenRAN and the end-to-end solutions Mavenir offers to support OpenRAN deployment.