A Real 5G Business Case That Works: 5G Hotspots

A Real 5G Business Case That Works: 5G Hotspots

The cost of 5G deployment far exceeds the expected initial revenues, but is there an answer that potentially cuts the initial investment and improves the financial metrics? iGR has modeled the 5G build costs for multiple regions worldwide from 2018 to 2027. DOWNLOAD REPORT

Mavenir on OpenRAN: 'Base Stations with Their Own App Stores'

In a keynote session at 5G World, John Baker, Mavenir SVP,  provided an update on the development of Virtualized and OpenRAN, describing the potential for a major shakeup in the vendor landscape on the back of open interfaces, platforms, and ecosystems. READ THE ARTICLE

Mavenir Scoops Award for Next Generation 5G Core

Mavenir was recently recognized as the leading contributor in the development of the next generation of software-led mobile networks for its advanced cloud-native 5G Core at the Network Virtualization Europe conference in Berlin. READ THE PRESS RELEASE

OpenRAN Lab: Realizing OpenRAN Efficiency and Performance with ‘One-Test’

Aspire Technology, a leading supplier of end-to-end network performance improvement solutions, together with Mavenir, its anchor OpenRAN supplier and leader in virtualized RAN, announce the launch of their OpenRAN Interoperability and Performance Benchmarking service. READ THE PRESS RELEASE

Telcos and Enterprises: 5G Friends or Foes?

John Baker, Mavenir SVP, discusses how, with a diversity of suppliers, small businesses could build a local 5G network using off-the-shelf servers and open source code. READ THE ARTICLE

Mavenir is Enabling Multi-Cloud Deployment Models

Critical for the rapid innovation and operational efficiency needed for 5G networks.

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